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Are you responsible for managing Currency, Commodity and Investment risk? Chances are you may be in an advantageous position because you are dealing  with a highly capitalized bank or brokerage firm. However, you have to ask yourself are you still being given the same standard clichés such as “we are in it for the long-term ” or we have to “diversify to reduce risk?” Those same clichéd phrases did little to help many corporate risk managers, endowment fund managers, family offices and pension fund managers to protect themselves from sovereign credit downgrades and the ensuing liquidation that resulted in 2008, 2009 and 2011. In fact many institutional accounts suffered significant draw downs in account and equity values.

Abaco Futures can  now provide you the ability to better compete with some of the  larger banking and brokerage firms that are competing against you. We have partnered with a select group of trading software companies, data service providers and news wire services to help you to better manage costs while still providing the ability to better identify changes in the markets. We give you the choice in that we can review your current setup and offer solutions for improvement as well as customized market strategy services to try to help improve risk management and returns. The difference is that we are on the same side as you are and not the other way around.

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