What Happens to Wall Street’s House of Cards?

I have been quiet for the past year because I have not thought much of the markets as a whole. I still don’t think highly of the global equities markets. Deflation looks to have finally appeared with the Chinese currency devaluation. Here is a link to my last article in July.


If you didn’t then you were probably depending on the media and the so called pundits on those channels as well as your long only investment advisors. Oddly enough Gold appears to have found a bottom since Morgan Stanley called for $800 gold a few weeks back.

Maybe it is time for the global equities markets to pay the price for Quantitative Easing! Congrats if you identified the topping formation around 18000 on the Dow Jones Futures daily charts!

YM 09-15 (Daily) 8_28_2014 - 8_22_2015

I usually post a lot of charts but I think I am going to just go and enjoy my day!

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