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Elliott Wave with MTPredictor

Are you tired of losing out with other Elliott Wave software? Have you heard false claims of ‘easy profits’?

MTPredictor’s Elliott Wave software will help you identify low risk/high return trades quickly and easily – helping you to improve your risk management while enabling you to improve profits. You do not have to only be a trader to benefit from MTPredictor as it is also of great use for individual investors, investment advisors as well as corporate risk managers with longer time horizons. MTPredictor can be used in the following markets:

  • Equity Index Futures
  • Commodity Futures
  • Currency Futures
  • Bond Futures
  • Individual Stocks
  • Exchange Traded Funds

Elliot Wave & MTPredictor Isolation Approach

Elliott wave is a unique form of market analysis, developed by R. N. Elliott in the 1930s. Since then, numerous Elliott wave software programs have used his wave analysis techniques. Though promising a lot, many Elliott wave forecasts and approaches have failed to deliver – why ?

MTPredictor™ may have the answer. MTPredictor uses Elliott wave analysis in a truly unique manner – it identifies Elliott wave patterns in isolation…and only if a valid Elliott count is present. It is software that allows you to identify trade set-ups without needing a complete historical analysis of a market or the added confusion of multiple timeframes. This solves one of the main Elliott problems – labels sometimes seeming to work, sometime not. The traditional way of dealing with this is by using alternate wave counts…we believe this leads to more questions than answers – and never use ‘alternatives’.

Elliott wave analysis in the MTPredictor software is applied in isolation – and only when a valid (and obvious) wave count is present on the chart. This has the enormous added benefit that the Elliott counts placed on the chart are applied automatically by the software. Most traders find it difficult to place valid Elliott wave analysis and wave counts on a chart with consistency – even then, it takes time. This is where MTPredictor will help you – it will place a valid (and only a valid) wave count on the chart for you automatically with a mouse-click. This makes Elliott wave extremely easy to apply.

If you have trouble with Elliott wave…you’re frustrated at ever-changing wave counts, confusing and misleading alternate counts, unreliable forecasts or even find it difficult to place wave counts on a chart…contact us for a live demonstration.

Example of Elliott Wave Trade Setups for Crude Oil on the Daily Chart

CL 02-13 (Daily) 8_4_2012 - 1_3_2013

Notice the TS3 (Trade Setup 3) to go short and the TS4 (Trade Setup 4) to go long. Risk management and entry will vary depending on trading capital and time horizons but this is an excellent example MTPredictor performing the technical analyses for you.

Program MTPredictor for Alerts

MTPredictor enables you to program the markets of interest as well as the types of setups that will fit your account  size, time horizons and risk / reward parameters. Here are a few screenshots of the alert screens.

MTPredictor Alerts Window

MTPRedictor Alerts

Ninjatrader Market Analyzer

Ninjatrader Market Analyzer

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