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So you have decided that you want to trade and want to develop or master the skills needed to be a successful trader. While there are a number of programs that promise instant success, the main reasons traders fail is because of the lack of a business plan as well as an understanding that trading is all about managing risks first and then profits.

Too often infomercials and some educator websites provide visions of grandeur that are nothing more than good old fashioned marketing. Indicators are exactly what their name or term implies. Indicators give you an indication of the direction the trading instrument might be headed but that is only in a perfect world as news releases can cause indicators to fail. Pattern failures often lead to the biggest moves and I have seen many traders get wiped out because of the failure to adjust and or manage risk. Therefore, I have come up with a traders package that is designed to help you to become a successful trader. Here is the breakdown:

Traders Package will consist of the following:

MTPredictor & Trading Room


Livesquawk NewsFeed

Trader Mentoring Fee

Minimum Suggested Trading Account Size

$1995USD Software Purchase

Free version, lifetime purchase and lease available

$330 USD monthly or $3300 Annually

$1,000USD  per month with up to 8 hours of mentoring per week (Optionable)



Total suggested to start your Trading Career is at least $16,000USD as that will include the software as well as $10,000 to fund your trading account. There are not too many businesses that one can start with as little as $16,000 that afford the freedom and flexibility that trading offers.

The MTPredictor software includes access to the MTPredictor trading room that is usually open from Monday through Thursday so you can exchange trading ideas with other users as well as for learning from the developers of MTPredictor. Not too many trading software programs offer so much at such a reasonable rate. The charts indicate probabilities of direction in the markets but news can result in pattern failures and a trader must be able to adjust when those moments occur. Livesquawk provide an institutional style news feed so that you are aware of news releases that can sway markets. If you are new to trading and really think you can use some additional help regarding risk management and developing your trading plan then the mentoring option is a worthwhile investment to help you to try to avoid the potential pitfalls that await new traders. Our customized mentoring programming provides 10 hours per week of one on one training. Remember well over 90% of traders fail and they fail for a variety of reasons. We are here to provide you with the software, the guidance and the mentoring if needed.

Keep in mind that depending on your trading experience you may have to support yourself for a few months to a year before you can begin trading live. It is important that you understand that while we can develop some traders in a short period of time,  sometimes it can take several years to become successful.  Moreover, sometimes there are individuals that are just not able to trade. That is the cold hard truth about trading as this program and trading as a career is not designed for everybody.

Ultimately trading can provide you the freedom of being your own boss and the ability to work anywhere that you have a good internet connection. While we can not guarantee your success you will learn the intricacies of trading. The time for excuses and failure is over as you now have the opportunity to trade and learn from 20 year veteran and Managing Director of Abaco Futures, Mark Aftab Sackoor.

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